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The ocean, representing over two-thirds of the world’s surface area, is one of the least explored domains. At Nir Dhwani, we strive to change this status quo in collaboration with all stakeholders related to the Underwater Domain.

Our approach to turnkey projects is holistic. Our focus on multi-disciplinary interventions enable customer organizations to transcend operational silos.

Our unparalleled strength in acoustic signal processing deliver technologies, products and insights to unlock the potential of our Blue planet in a sustainable manner.

Acoustic capability building lies at the core of Nir Dhwani’s foundation: it enables us to deliver transparency and monitor every development pertaining to the Underwater Domain for correlation and prediction of associated events

Dr. (Cdr) Arnab Das. Founder & Director

Its In Our Name

Dedicated to building acoustic capability and capacity in the underwater domain, Nir Dhwani Technologies derives its name from the combination of two Sanskrit words “Nir” and “Dhwani.” The word “Nir” denotes water- the substance that makes up over seventy per cent of our blue planet earth; “Dhwani” or sound connotes our focus on acoustic capability.

Our Niche

As a start-up with capabilities in Acoustic Signal Processing Hardware & Software driven products and solutions, NDT has delivered multiple innovations to comprehensively support every dimension of the Underwater Domain. It undertakes turnkey solutions with extensive research based design & development projects alongside field experimental work.

Specialized in Turnkey Project Delivery



We build partnerships for creating market and generate business by identifying specific project ideas. We initiate proposals with the relevant agencies and organizations with clear focus on delivering value for all players in the Underwater Domain.



Aiming to be market leaders in the IOR, we work towards providing consultancy, hardware & software products and services, in order to enable the larger realization of Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) framework, specifically for the tropical littoral waters.



Policy, Technology innovation, Blue economy and Human centric skilling: these remain our areas of focus in the drive towards acoustic capacity and capability building in the Underwater Domain.

Our Products

Our Core

Holistic framework of Underwater Domain

In association with Maritime Research Centre, Nir Dhwani Technologies has developed a holistic framework that covers aspects of National security apparatus, Science and technology providers, Blue economy entities environmental regulators and Disaster management aspects.

The framework of Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) enables stakeholders to unlock the potential of Underwater Domain and delivers knowledge and actionable insights for multi-domain relevance.

Well Begun

Four years from our inception, our list of achievements includes:

  • Global Maritime Innovation Challenge: Narwhal Challenge. Only team from Asia among the Four Teams.
  • Raksha Rajya Mantri recommends considering UDA framework as a National Priority.
  • Business France and the French Consulate in Mumbai invited us to address the niche Maritime & Defence Industry delegation from France “Opportunities in India on UDA” framework.
  • Indian National Shipping Association (INSA), recognizes our efforts in promoting sustainable growth in the maritime sector
  • Chairman National Shipping Board complements us for the novel work on Acoustic Habitat Degradation.
  • Indian Navy recognizes us to be pioneers in initiating the National UDA discourse in India.

Moving Together

We could not have done this without our partners & special initiatives

Our Partners

Special Missions

Academic Initiatives

Underwater Domain Awareness: Copyright ©️ 2006-2021 Dr (Cdr) Arnab Das (under the copyright license) All Rights Reserved.

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Underwater Domain Awareness: Copyright ©️ 2006-2021 Dr (Cdr) Arnab Das (under the copyright license) All Rights Reserved.