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    Explore, Engage, Transform the Underwater World with Nir Dhwani Tech.
  • Unlocks Ocean Acoustics

    'Nir' symbolizes the essence of water and 'Dhwani' signifies our expertise in acoustics.

  • Build Underwater Domain Capacity

    We Define, Develop, Deploy, Building Underwater Domain Capacity and Capability

    Leaders in Underwater Domain Consulting and Execution

    As a trusted leader in underwater domain consulting and execution, NirDhwani Technology collaborates with industry, government bodies, and academia to provide innovative solutions. We're your go-to experts for underwater ecosystems, blue economy projects, national security initiatives, and research incubation. Our extensive knowledge of underwater technology, safety protocols, and regulatory requirements sets us apart, making us the choice of top global entities for mission-critical projects.

    Well Begun

    Since inception, our list of achievements includes


    Global Maritime Innovation Challenge: Narwhal Challenge. Only team from Asia among the Four Teams.

    National Priority

    Raksha Rajya Mantri recommends considering UDA framework as a National Priority.


    At Business France, we talked "UDA Opportunities in India" to the French Maritime & Defence group.


    INSA recognizes our maritime sustainability efforts, and Indian Navy hails us as UDA pioneers.

    We establish sustainable partnerships to engage with market trends.

    We initiate proposals with the relevant agencies and organizations with a clear focus on delivering value for all stakeholders in the Underwater Domain.

    Our Expertise

    Dive into the future with us, where challenges become opportunities in the world beneath the waves!

    We specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of the underwater world, fully aware of its distinct challenges and promising possibilities. Our mission is clear: empower our clients to unlock the full potential of this unique domain through pioneering and pragmatic approaches.

    We are committed to delivering end-to-end solutions, designing and executing turnkey projects tailored to underwater environments. Our profound expertise in Acoustic Signal Processing forms the bedrock of our services. Dive into the future of underwater exploration and innovation with NirDhwani Technology!

    What We Do

    Market Leadership in the Indian Ocean Region

    At NirDhwani, we foster partnerships and projects to drive advancements in the underwater domain. As market leaders in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), we offer consultancy, technology solutions, and strategic services for Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) in tropical waters. Our core competencies include technology incubation, project management, product applications, impact assessment, and strategic advisory.

    Our Services

    Unlock your business potential and ignite growth with our tailored solutions and expert guidance.

    Our Core

    Holistic framework for Underwater Domain Awareness

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    Our Solutions

    Elevate Your Business with Cutting-Edge Solutions That Drive Results!

    Our Aim

    Aiming to be market leaders in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)

    We strive to offer consultancy services, hardware and software products and services, and solutions that facilitate the larger realization of Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) framework specifically for tropical littoral waters. Join us in advancing the future of underwater technology, security, and exploration.

    Discover what makes us the leading choice for UDA solutions in tropical waters. Explore our services and join us in shaping the future of underwater technology and security.


    Explore our Projects

    Onboard Noise Vibration Management

    Mapping Snapping Shrimp Noise in the IOR

    Mathematical Study on Underwater Channel Modelling in IOR

    Sediment Management for the Brahmaputra River

    Empowering the Realm of Underwater with our Acoustic Capability

    Acoustic capability building lies at the core of Nir Dhwani’s foundation: it enables us to deliver transparency and monitor every development pertaining to the Underwater Domain for correlation and prediction of associated events

    Dr. (Cdr)Arnab Das.
    Founder & Director

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