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Collision Avoidance in Inland Waterways By Using AIS Data

Product Description

Our product is a state-of-the-art solution designed to significantly enhance safety in inland water transportation. Collisions, though rare, pose severe risks, making avoidance paramount. Leveraging Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, our system offers real-time tracking, trajectory analysis, and comprehensive risk assessment. It amalgamates advanced techniques from leading research, including mathematical models, support vector machines, and deep reinforcement learning, providing crews with timely warnings and actionable insights for collision prevention.

Product Features

Navigate with Confidence: AIS-Powered Safety Solution for Inland Waterways

Robust Risk Assessment

Our Model Calculates The Collision Risk Index (CRI) For Ship-To-Ship And Ship-To-Shore Collisions, Ensuring Crews Receive Crucial Warnings And Make Informed Decisions.

Opportunities For Growth

Uncover Opportunities Within The Blue Economy, Leveraging Our Tool’s Insights To Drive Sustainable Aquaculture Practices And Propel India’s Maritime Resource Utilization.

Seamless AIS Integration

The System Integrates AIS Data For Precise Tracking And Situational Awareness, Contributing To Safer Navigation.

Digital Advancements

Our Tool Has A Digital Presence, Making It A Platform For Advanced Research. It Lays The Foundation For Future Machine Learning Models And Predictive Applications.

Comprehensive Safety Analysis

Our system constantly assesses collision risks by analyzing AIS data and employing advanced models and machine learning. It delivers timely insights to enhance safety in inland water transportation.

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