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Nir Dhwani’s incubation support services to help our members bring their ideas and innovations to life. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that specific deployments of technology and competencies are enabled for customers to enable success in the challenging and competitive underwater industry.
We provide innovation services and turnkey deployment of innovation centers to help members enter and succeed in the competitive underwater industry.

Our Service Includes

Ideation and Concept Development

We collaborate closely with our members throughout the entire journey of idea development and refinement. Our dedicated team offers expert guidance in conducting comprehensive market analyses, feasibility studies, and robust business planning. These critical steps in the process are designed to empower our members, enabling them to transform their innovative concepts into tangible, successful products, and services that resonate in the market.

Product Design and Development

Our multidisciplinary team comprises skilled designers, engineers, and researchers who collaborate closely with our clients to bring their visions to life. Through a rigorous process of development and refinement, we ensure that our clients’ products and services not only align with the demands of the market but are also meticulously designed to excel in the challenging underwater environment. This collaborative approach harnesses our collective expertise, resulting in innovative and high-performance solutions that fulfill our clients’ objectives and thrive in underwater conditions.

Prototyping and Testing

At our disposal, we have cutting-edge prototyping and testing facilities that we proudly offer to our members. These advanced resources serve as invaluable tools for our members to meticulously refine their products and services. By providing them with access to these state-of-the-art facilities, we enable our members to uphold the most stringent standards of quality and performance. This means that their innovations undergo rigorous testing, analysis, and optimization, ensuring that the final products and services not only meet but often exceed industry expectations, ultimately bolstering their competitiveness and success in the market.

Innovation center incubation

We offer turnkey services to deploy innovation centers to our customers including resources, space planning, equipment, and support services. It starts with your vision and the expected capabilities followed by resource and capacity building plan and thereafter our experts ensure timely integration of all aspects ranging from content, hardware, technology, module development and trainer integration.

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