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Careers at NirDhwani Technology

NirDhwani Technology offers diverse opportunities in underwater technology, providing world-class training, global exposure, and a strong emphasis on safety, making it the ideal place for passionate individuals to pursue a meaningful career.

Join The Deep Dive

At Nir Dhwani Technologies, we don’t just touch the surface – we plunge deep. Passionate about unlocking the mysteries of the underwater world and creating sustainable solutions? You’re in the right place.

Why Choose NirDhwani?

Nir Dhwani offers diverse opportunities in the field of underwater technology, from conservation to national security projects. They provide world-class training, global exposure, and a strong commitment to safety.

Diverse Opportunities

We work on conservation, blue economy, and national security projects, ensuring you'll find a passion-driven field with us.

Global Exposure

Engage with international clientele, work on multi-country projects, and collaborate with top minds across borders.

World-Class Training

We prioritize your professional growth with industry-leading training and workshops to keep you at the forefront of underwater technology.

Safety First

With rigorous safety protocols, we ensure a secure work environment, no matter how challenging the project.

Internship Opportunities

At NirDhwani, we believe in nurturing the next generation. If you are a student or a recent graduate passionate about underwater domains, our internship programs will offer you hands-on experience and mentorship from industry veterans. We offer internships for

  • 8 Weeks

    The internship provides in-depth Maritime Domain knowledge through projects, expert talks, and the chance to earn a post-internship fellowship at NDT.

  • 6 Months

    NDT offers a 6-month internship with research paper guidance and the chance for an MRC fellowship upon completion.

  • 1 Year

    NDT offers a 1-year internship with real-world research projects, leading to eligibility for an NDT fellowship.

Life at

Fostering Success Through Team Spirit in Our Collaborative Culture

Team Spirit

At the heart of our success is a collaborative and supportive team. Enjoy team outings, workshops, and an environment where every idea is valued.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to lifelong learning. From tech talks to seminars, be a part of a continuous learning journey.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of personal time. With flexible work hours and remote working options, we ensure you have time for what truly matters.

How to Apply?

NirDhwani Technology – Where your passion meets purpose. Dive in!

Ready to make waves with us? Attach your updated resume and a cover letter detailing your passion for the underwater world in the application below.
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