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Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Expertise

Our environmental impact assessment services help our members ensure that their activities and technologies are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our deep expertise as well as holistic framework ensure that assessments are methodic, scientific and deliver actionable insights for our client leaders.
Nir Dhwani’s deep domain expertise and holistic framework offer stakeholders a comprehensive and sustainable assessment of the underwater domain from a short, mid, and long term perspective.

Our Service Includes

Site and Resource Characterization ​

Our team conducts a detailed evaluation of site-specific physical and biological attributes. We also assess potential impacts on marine ecosystems and identify any pertinent environmental concerns. This comprehensive report provides clients with a nuanced understanding of the operational environment, aiding informed decision-making and responsible practices.

Environmental Baseline Studies ​

Our studies play a vital role in establishing an environmental baseline for the site and monitoring any changes over time. We conduct thorough analyses of water and sediment quality, marine life, and other critical factors, providing a comprehensive understanding of the site’s environmental conditions.

Impact Analysis and Mitigation ​

We evaluate the potential environmental impacts of our members’ activities and technologies. Our team identifies potential impacts, evaluates their significance, and develops mitigation strategies to minimize or eliminate adverse impacts. Our clients rely on our recommendations for defining their strategies in freshwater as well as marine ecosystems.

Regulatory Compliance ​

We guide our members through regulatory compliance for environmental impact assessments. Leveraging our extensive experience and strong agency relationships, we ensure seamless alignment with applicable regulations, simplifying the compliance process for our members and promoting environmental responsibility.

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