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Onboard Noise Vibration Management

Onboard Noise Vibration Management​

Noise and Vibration (N&V) on-board marine platforms is a critical research area that has multiple applications to it. The first is the crew comfort on-board the platforms that would determine the health hazards for the crew and passengers due to long and short exposure to the running machinery noise. The second is the Condition Based Preventive Maintenance (CBPM) or failure analysis that ensures optimum availability of the running machineries for sustained operations of the platform over long periods of time. The third is the Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) management aspect that impacts the marine mammals or the acoustic stealth of naval platforms. All these aspects need to be understood and we need to find the similarities and diversities in all of them. One may also make a clear distinction between naval warships and merchant vessels while attempting to undertake N&V management on-board marine vessels.

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