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Our Expertise

As specialists in Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing we are specialized in the Tropical Littoral Waters of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Our Products

Our Project Engagements

Corporate Projects

We have conducted over 50 projects with corporates but here are our most notable ones:

  • Collaborative R&D and Corporate training with BEL Bangalore.
  • Capacity and Capability Building with Indian Register of Shipping.
  • Projects on Acoustic Stealth and Passive Sonar Deployment with the Indian Navy.
  • Capacity and Capability Building for Underwater Search & Rescue for the Indian Coast Guard.

Government associations:

We are embedded with the national policy making framework connected with the Underwater Domain. Below are a sample of policy papers we have delivered.

  • UDA for SAGAR.
  • Inland Water Transport.
  • Water Resource Management.
  • Indo-Pacific Strategic Space and UDA.
  • India’s Response to IMO on Acoustic Habitat Degradation.

Academic and Pedagogy:

In collaboration with Maritime Research Centre, NDT is actively initiating capacity and capability building through establishment of Centres of Underwater Excellence (CoUE). In addition, there are a host of opportunities for the intrepid scholar.

  • UDA Summer School.
  • BITS-Pilani Practice School.
  • Under Graduate and Post- Graduate Project Mentorship.
  • PhD Research Support for Problem Identification to Data Support.
  • Mentorship for Innovation and subsequent Publications.
  • Finishing School for Career Guidance and Mentoring.
  • Regular Project Based Internships.

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